Students Association


The Public Relations Student Association of the Faculty of Communication, Padjadjaran University (Hima Humas Fikom Unpad) is a semi-professional Public Relations student organization (the application of Public Relations science with a professional orientation) which is a forum for students of the Public Relations Study Program, Faculty of Communication, Padjadjaran University (Humas Fikom Unpad). ) to develop professional, academic, interest, and talent for its members.


In 1984, prospective students who took part in the New Student Admissions Selection (SPMB) could directly choose and enter their majors in the 3rd semester. Prior to 1984, the selection of majors for students could only be done in the 7th semester.

The new policy then led Tutang Wintarta (Class of 1980), Elvinaro Ardianto (Class of 1980), and Hussein Fahmi (Class of 1981) to form and initiate the Public Relations Student Association of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Padjadjaran University or Hima Humas Fikom Unpad in July 1984. The first Public Relations Hima was Tutang Wintarta, with the vice chairman, Hussein Fahmi. Then Elvinaro Ardianto served as Head of Research and Development (R&D).

At the beginning of the management of Hima Humas, in 1984, Hima Humas was under the auspices of the Student Executive Board (BEM) Fikom Unpad. Likewise with HimaPen (Hima Penerangan – Communication Management) and HimaJur (Hima Jurnalistik). Although under the auspices of BEM, coordination between BEM and student associations is still limited. For example, when there is an event held at the faculty level.

At the beginning of its management, Hima Humas did not yet have a logo and used the Unpad logo. Hima Humas also does not yet have other personal attributes of the association, such as the set jacket.

Various kinds of achievements were made at the beginning of the Hima Humas management, including being the second winner in the “Institutional Research on Communications of Guardian Lecturers and Student Perceptions of Fikom Unpad”. This competition is also the first work program of Hima Public Relations. In addition, the Human Resources (HR) Division of Hima Humas has also presented Resiitas, PR Sahid Group.

Hima Humas class of 1984 managed to carry out its management for one year with the cabinet from the 1980-1984 class. The first period of Hima Humas management was more focused on professional and scientific development.

The Hima Humas jacket was a breakthrough from the 1998 class led by Putu Gede Ong Dika Rusjaya. The Hima Humas jacket was born from the desire of the 1998 class who wanted to make a timeless collection jacket. Timeless is meant here is that it can be used in various events, both formal and non-formal. Besides that, the 1998 class wanted the entire public relations family of Fikom Unpad to be able to wear the Hima Humas jacket. Previously, there was a perception that those who were allowed to use the association jacket were only Hima Humas administrators.

Class of 1998 also had another breakthrough in terms of group jackets, namely changing the material and color of the jacket. Initially, the set jacket was only red with parasitic material, then it was changed to be used back and forth with red or black. At that time, the name of each owner was listed on the zipper section of each set of jackets.

Until now, the breakthrough of the new group jacket initiated by the 1998 class is still being preserved. Of course, with various adjustments, such as the inclusion of the owner’s name was changed to the inclusion of the Public Relations Student Identification Number of Fikom Unpad.

Vision dan Mission


Hima Humas Fikom Unpad is a student institution that builds competence for its members, has a sense of belonging to their alma mater, and fosters good relations with the public.


  1. Develop professional, academic potential, interests, and talents of members through various student activities.
  2. Cultivate, develop, and maintain a sense of belonging to the members of Hima Humas Fikom Unpad as one big family.
  3. Build and maintain sustainable relationships with internal and external public.


Democracy, Professionalism, and Kinship.


Emblem Shape

The embem of Hima Humas Fikom Unpad is in the form of a symbol which is an arrangement of five maroon arrows. Two arrows form a circle, then three more arrows, one up arrow superimposing the circle, and two symmetrical down arrows superimposed by the circle.

Logo Hima Humas

Emblem Meaning

  • Two arrows forming a circle means continuity
  • One arrow up over the circle means relationship with external public
  • Two symmetrical downward arrows superimposed by a circle mean a relationship with the internal public
  • The color maroon means accuracy and responsibility


Currently, Hima Humas has entered the 2022/2023 management year. This year’s cabinet is named Sahwahita, taken from the Sanskrit language which means beneficial for all. With this name, the Sahwahita Cabinet is ready to provide benefits to the entire public through various work programs that will be implemented.

Vision dan Mission Sahwahita Cabinet


Making Hima Humas a place for self-development and contribution that is adaptive, progressive, and committed to providing benefits to its internal and external public.


  1. Build a work environment that is agile in dealing with all situations.
  2. Accommodating the aspirations and innovations of Hima Humas members in the implementation of the Association’s work programs according to their needs.
  3. Creating a structured and open organizational communication system.
  4. Encouraging the participation of members of Hima Humas with work programs that support interests and talents as well as competency development in academic, non-academic, and professional matters.
  5. Develop fruitful partnerships with external public.
  6. Establish a systematic and synergistic relationship with the internal and external public Hima Humas.

Sawahita Cabinet Work Culture


Hima Humas can continue to improve its achievements and performance through the implementation of evaluations. Hima Public Relations is also responsible and uses facts and data to achieve its common goals.


Hima Humas can be swift in overcoming problems and changing situations, proceed consistently, and be flexible and develop according to their needs.


Hima Humas able to think long when making decisions and planning so that it can have a sustainable impact. Hima Public Relations is also open to new opportunities.


Hima Humas cares and considers its internal and external public in decision making and planning. Hima Humas also respects the opinions of others and helps each other in achieving its goals.

Sahwahita Cabinet Management Structure

Sahwahita Cabinet Management Structure

  • Chairman : Alifia Sabila Putri
  • Vice Chairman : Adissa Irawaty
  • Treasurer 1 : Alvenia Azzah Ghassani
  • Treasurer 2 : Lila Latsmira
  • Secretary 1 : Ziyan Nadhira
  • Secretary 2 : Vina Salsabila Firmana
  • Head of Research & Development Department : Shafira Balqis Fitrianti
  • Head of Organizational Development Department : Farley Rafa Aurellia
  • Head of Academic & Professional Department : Raymond Clement Jaya
  • Head of Internal Relations Department : Hafizhah Zuhri
  • Head of Interest & Talent Department : Farsya Kirana Erdanakusumah
  • Head of Sports : Najla Fathia Iqbal
  • Head of Arts & Culture : Audrey Joshlyn Amara Manuputty
  • Head of Creative Media Department : Kharisma Aulia
  • Head of External Relations Department : Yolanda Patricia
  • Head of Scholarships & Job Opportunities : Ratu Marshyarina Ridzkan Budiman
  • Head of Student & Advocacy Division : Delia Nurusyifa
  • Head of Social & Community Affairs : Aprillia Putri