Graduate Learning Outcome

A1Be devoted to God Almighty and be able to show a religious attitude
Collaborating in a multidisciplinary spirit and interacting with the community
K1Mastering the theoretical concepts of excellence theory, persuasion, mass communication, public communication, and relationships; and mastering public relations model
K2Mastering contextual knowledge about the position, function, and practice of public relations in various organizational settings, whether government, private, or non-governmental organizations
K3Mastering ethics in building and preserving public relations and human values
K4Mastering the rules, principles, and techniques of cross-functional communication, organizational and cultural levels
K5Mastering the principles and techniques and the latest issues in the fields of communication, economics, politics, social, culture, ecology, the latest developments in information and communication technology
GS1Able to apply logical, critical, systematic, and innovative thinking in the context of the development or implementation of science and technology that pays attention to and applies humanities values ​​per their field of expertise
GS2Able to demonstrate independent, quality, and measurable performance
GS3Able to examine the implications of the development or implementation of science and technology that pays attention to and applies humanities values ​​according to their expertise based on scientific principles, procedures, and ethics in order to produce solutions, ideas, designs, or art criticisms
GS4Able to compile a scientific description of the results of the studies in the form of a thesis or final project report and upload it on the university’s website
SS1Able to design, implement and evaluate public relations programs in various forms at various levels of the organization
SS2Able to solve public issues and imaging problems that do not have an impact on public unrest because they are contrary to applicable legal, social, and ethical norms, to deepen public trust in an individual/organization through public opinion research and limited campaigns
SS3Able to manage and utilize media, write press releases and internal and external public relations communication programs of the organization
SS4Able to build and apply relationships with the community, media, government, private sector, and non-governmental organizations by using communication skills and utilizing the latest and latest communication technology
SS5Able to study the latest strategic issues and develop alternative solutions in public relations scope