Based on the history, the development of the Public Relations study programme started as one of the departments in the Publicistic Faculty, which was previously known as the Publicistic and Journalism Faculty. The change was officially announced on 23 April 1963. Later on, in 1965, according to PTIP Ministry Decree number 225 dated 1 November 1965, there was a development that more departments were added to the Faculty of Publicistic to become five departments, one of which is Public Relations.

Then, based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No.133/O/1983 dated 5 March 1983, regarding the organization and work procedures of Universitas Padjadjaran, the Faculty of Publicistic was changed its name to the Faculty of Communication Sciences and had four departments, namely Journalism, Public Relations, Information Science, and Information and Library Science. Nevertheless, in 1994, based on the Decree of the Higher Education regarding the study programme, the Faculty of Communication Sciences was instructed to only consisted of two study programs, namely the Communication Science Study Programme and the Library Science Study Programme. Therefore, the field of study in Public Relations became part of the Communication Sciences study programme. Subsequently, to meet the community’s needs and the demands of the development of communication science and technology, the Faculty of Communication Sciences strives to improve the status of the field of study (including public relations) back to become a study programme.

Thanks to this effort, in 2013, the SK DIKTI number 559/E/O/2013 dated 13 November 2013, concerning permits to organize education, the Public Relations Study Programme again became a standalone program under the Faculty of Communication Sciences.