Vision, Mission, and Objectives


“To become a reputable study program with a commitment to the scientific development of public relations and become a center of excellence capable of adapting to changing global trends.”


  1. Develop learning in the field of Public Relations, which is innovative, creative, and adaptive to changing global trends.
  2. Develop research and community service that focuses on issues of public relations development that impact stakeholders.
  3. Establish strategic cooperative relationships with the community, government, business and industry, media, educational institutions, and other universities both domestically and abroad on an ongoing basis by applying the principles of equality, partnership, and mutual trust.


  1. Delivering graduates who master and apply knowledge, skills, and competencies in the field of public relations in a professional manner (Professional accomplishment)
  2. Developing graduates who have lifelong learning attitudes and can develop themselves through formal and informal education (Academic accomplishments)
  3. Responsible for carrying out the public relations profession, upholding professional ethics, understanding the local culture, and having a global vision (Social Accomplishment)