MBKM at Kompas, Be Event Organizer of G20? Listen to Unpad Public Relations Student Jeha’s Experience

Certified Internship is one of the Free Campus Independent Learning (MBKM) programs launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. This program aims to provide opportunities for students to develop themselves through direct learning in the workplace. The existence of a credit conversion system encourages student enthusiasm to take part in this program. One of them is Hafizhah Zuhri (Jeha) – Student of Public Relations class of 2020.

Of the 30 registered partners, Jeha received an interview call from Dyandra Promosindo, which is part of Kompas Gramedia. Dyandra Promosindo is engaged in the field of exhibition organizers, very much in line with Jeha who is “Anak Event Banget”. Thanks to a CV filled with experience in the field of events, in August 2022 Jeha got the opportunity to do an internship at Dyandra Promosindo’s Team Activation division.

At the beginning of his apprenticeship, the Head of the 2022 Hima Humas Internal Relations Department was immediately given the responsibility for planning the G20 3rd Sherpa Meeting (Jogja) and G20 4th Sherpa Meeting (Bali) which were organized by the Coordinating Ministry for Education. Together with his team, Jeha poured out his ideas to welcome G20 invited guests from various countries to introduce the wealth of the archipelago. Starting with inviting guests to tourist attractions to presenting 38 Indonesian dishes from different tribes.

Not only limited to drafters, Jeha and his apprentice team acted as executors at the G20 Awarding Night which was held at Fairmont Senayan. Jeha was entrusted with being the Liaison Officer (chaperone) of the performers. He found the fact that being an Event Organizer at a big and professional event like the G20 was very hectic and tiring—the MC script and rundown could change up to a dozen times.

Hafizhah Zuhri said that her internship experience was very memorable because she was able to meet artists such as Rosa and Regina Ivanova on Indonesian Idol 2012. This Public Relations student also felt very grateful to be able to meet the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Sri Mulyani and the Coordinating Minister for the Economy, Mr. Airlangga Hartanto. She also admitted that she learned a lot from people who were more expert in events, “I can say that I just learned events that day.” he said.
At the end of the interview, she also included tips and tricks to pass MBKM. “According to what you already have in your CV, so you have proof that you want to take this because you already have experience in this field.” Jeha’s message to students who have an interest in the MBKM Certified Internship program. How about Marooners, are you interested in joining the MBKM Certified Internship?

Author: Sherly Mediana

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